Welcome to the Brighton Sailing Club (BSC), and BSC Supporters Club Web site. We are a dinghy sailing club located on Brighton Beach on the sunny south coast of England. We sail and race both monohulls and catamarans. Our club facilities include our own storage space for boats, sails and spars, changing rooms and a bar. Both clubs are run by their members for their members and we are an affiliated club of the Royal Yachting Association. In general, membership of BSC will requires a greater level of participation than membership in the BSC Supporters Club:

  • We ask that all those who wish to race regularly join as full members of BSC.
  • Full members will be asked to do a minimum of 4 duties (race official, bar/ event, maintenance) – we will tailor these for anyone under 18, and anyone not comfortable taking on some of the needed roles. These duties are what enable the racing to happen.
  • Full members should aim to participate in club activities (racing, duties, events etc) at least 12 times per year.

If you do not wish to sail regularly (or at all) then membership of BSC Supporter’s Club will be more appropriate. This will allow you full access to BSC facilities without the requirement to participate 12 times per year (although you are of course welcome to help out!)

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