Brighton Sailing CLub Penenant

Instructions for Rescue Crew

  • 1. The crew must include two adults (18 or over) who must be at the club one and a half hours before the start of the race
  • 2. Check that petrol tank is full and that the oil level in the engine is adequate.
  • 3. Life jackets (not buoyancy aids) MUST be worn whilst afloat.
  • 4. Warm the engine thoroughly prior to launching, using the hose and mufflers.
  • 5. Ensure that you are familiar with the controls and the equipment carried in the boat.
  • 6, Make sure that you are familiar with the course set, the number of races, duration etc.
  • 7. Check that the radio is working, set to channel 77, the Squelch button is correctly set and that the power level is set to LOW
  • 8. Check that you have sufficient warps, anchors and buoys for the course and that there is an additional warp and anchor for the boat and another to anchor any other boat which may need to be abandoned.
  • 9. The boat should be launched in plenty of time to set the course and then be on standby whilst the competitors launch, at least 45 minutes before the first Warning signal ie 10:15 at the latest!
  • 10. When laying marks check that the anchor has bit onto the bottom before releasing the mark.
  • 11. You should not speed unnecessarily - do not speed at all when towing
  • 12. You should avoid the swimming area unless performing a rescue.
  • 13. Ensure that you know how many boats are afloat and keep a lookout over all of them, particularly those who you know are less experienced. The best place for this is towards the middle of the race area. Keep out of the way of competitors.
  • 14. Keep checking the race control hut. If for any reason they are unable to contact you by radio they will use the Flag Q to signal that a boat is in need of assistance. Remember that if you give assistance to a boat during a race then they must retire, so you must ask if they want help first.
  • 15. Be conscious of the wind and current direction and any vessels that may be blown/drift onto the piers.
  • 16. The safety of people is you primary concern, not boats or buoys if several boats are in trouble then take the people off and come back for the boat later. Tie an anchor to it if necessary.

  • Spare Kill Switch Fitting, Knife, Space Blanket, Paddles (2), Anchors (1XNumber of Buoys + 2), Weights, Spare Fuel, Tow Line (2), First Aid Kit, Flares, Radio, Water, Heaving Line, Chocolate