Brighton Sailing CLub Penenant

Instructions for Timekeeper

1. Make sure that you have access to a good digital watch, which will measure in seconds.

2. Ensure that all helms have made their declaration (signed on) for the race/races

3. Transfer the details of those entering the race onto the timekeeping sheets. It is best to group the boats in classes to make them easier to find. If you have space allow 2 lines for the cats.

4. Assist the Officer of the Day (OOD) in the starting of the race as instructed, hoisting flags, making sound signals etc.

5. Record the time that each boat passes a transit between the inner distance mark, the transit pole on the beach and the flag pole. You should record all times of all laps of a circuit of the race. Have some scrap paper handy so if you can scrawl notes if you get over stretched.

6. Record the finish time of each boat.

7. Assist the OOD in the course of their duties