Brighton Sailing CLub Penenant

Operating the BSC winch.

Winching up boats.

  1. ALWAYS wear gloves when operating the winch! The cable strands can cut you to ribbons - I know!
  2. Deploy the cable using the free spool clutch as described below. DO NOT use the motor to feed out the cable.
  3. Once the cable is secured to the boat and the free spool clutch re-engaged, check that the main wall mounted electrical switch is "on".
  4. To winch boats up the beach use the remote control panel usually resting next to the main power switch. There are two buttons - one winds the cable in, the other out. Use the former.
  5. Watch the cable as it winds in and ensure that it loads evenly onto the drum with no loops or kinks.
  6. If you are the last to winch up a boat or think you may be, ensure the main switch is "off" and the rescue hut securely closed

Unwinding the cable (using Free Spool clutch).

Brighton Sailing Club Winch The free spool clutch allows the rapid deployment of the cable for hooking onto the load. The clutch is operated by the "T" handle to the right of the cable drum when viewed from the side the cable exits. The "T" handle must be in the "Engaged" position before winching.
  1. To disengage the free spool clutch pull and lift the "T" handle up and turn 90 degrees clockwise. The wire rope can now be pulled out.
  2. To engage the free spool clutch lift the "T" handle up and turn 90 degrees anti-clockwise. The winch is now ready to pull boats up the beach,
  3. If the "T" handle cannot be properly locked try manually rotating the drum.
  4. ALWAYS wear gloves!