Catamaran Fleet Information

A Hobie 16 flying!

The catamaran fleet at BSC is primarily comprised of Hobie 16s. However, we also have a pride of Hobie Tigers, Dart 18s, Hobie 18s and a Hobie 14. The information here is biased towards Hobie 16s but should be of use to all.

Whether you are new to sailing Catamarans or experienced you will find nuggets of wisdom in this "Hobie University"(4.6MBytes). This document is brought to you by the Hobie Class Association. Hobie U is a detailed "How-To" book on sailing and racing catamarans. This is free to download.

Another useful WEB site for Hobie sailors is The Hobie Cat Centre. Here you can order spare parts and much more. For example here you can download a parts catalogue of your boat. This enables you to order quoting part numbers instead of asking for "The thingummy that goes on the end of the watchama call it". Your parts will usually be with you in a couple of days so you can get back on the water for the Sunday racing.

Here is a Hobie 16 tuning guide. It is written in Franglais but still loaded with points to consider. Hobie 16 Tuning guide(and much more).

Can't remember how to rig your 6:1 Hobie mainsheet ?? Try this.