The autumn internationls were good. Let's see what England can do in the RBS 6 Nations. 4th Feb - 18th March

Watch your emails to see which games will be shown at the club

Round 1 04/02/2017
14:2514:25Scotland  v  Ireland BBC/ RTE/ ITV(H) 04/02/2017
16:5016:50England  v  France ITV/ FR2/ BBC (H) 05/02/2017
15:0014:00Italy  v  Wales  DMAX/ ITV/ S4C/ BBC (H)

Round 2 11/02/2017
15:2514:25Italy  v  Ireland  DMAX/ RTE/ BBC(H) 11/02/2017
16:5016:50Wales  v  England BC/ S4C/ ITV (H) 12/02/2017
16:0015:00France  v  Scotland FR2/ BBC/ ITV (H)

Round 3 25/02/2017
14:2514:25Scotland  v  Wales BBC/S4C / ITV (H) 25/02/2017
16:5016:50Ireland  v  France RTE/ FR2/ BBC(H) 26/02/2017
15:0015:00England  v  Italy ITV/ DMAX/ BBC (H)

Round 4 10/03/2017
20:0020:00Wales  v  Ireland BBC/ S4C/ RTE/ ITV (H) 11/03/2017
14:3013:30Italy  v  France DMAX/FR2/ BBC (H) 11/03/2017
16:0016:00England  v  Scotland ITV/ BBC (H)

Round 5 18/03/2017
12:3012:30Scotland  v  Italy BBC/ DMAX/ ITV (H) 18/03/2017
15:4514:45France  v  Wales FR2/ BBC/ S4C/ ITV (H) 18/03/2017
17:0017:00Ireland  v  England RTE/ ITV/ BBC (H)