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Brighton Sailing Club (BSC):

Is designed for people who want to participate regularly in sailing. As our clubs are run by the members for the members, we ask that people wanting to join BSC carry out regular duties that enable sailing races such as race officers, maintenance, and bar duties (it is the bar that supports the changing rooms and other facilities) – for regular sailors under 18 we will tailor duties and where possible include an element of training (e.g. as assistant race officer). All members who wish to keep a boat on the beach must join BSC. We ask that BSC members aim to contribute to the club (sailing, duties, helping at events etc) around 12 times a year.

Brighton Sailing Club Supporters Club:

We understand that there are some people who really want to be part of the sailing club but who can’t or don’t want to sail regularly. The BSC Supporters Club is designed for you. Generally we recommend that new members with limited dinghy sailing experience in Brighton join BSC Supporters Club initially. This will help you decide whether sailing and/or Brighton beach is for you. This will help you get to know some of the members, and try crewing for existing members on a few occasions (normally we limit this to 2 or 3 sails). We want to encourage the families of BSC members to use the facilities, and particularly children and young people to get involved in watersports. To support this we offer family membership which lets the family enjoy the facilities without the need for regular sailing or responsibility for duties. Some people (friends, ‘retired’ dinghy sailors and so on) want to use the club facilities with the BSC members but not to sail. Social membership allows access to the bar/ social events but not full access to wet facilities, boat storage and sailing.

How do I join ?

First of all come and meet us, we want to meet you and more to the point introduce you to the club officers and show you around. It is not necessary to own your own boat to join BSC, however all the boats in the club are privately owned. Crew positions on these boats are often available.

Membership to Brighton Sailing Club is gained by an application approved by the committee. Membership forms are available from the club or you can download here.

Wednesday nights are the main club meeting night, if you come down any time after 9:00pm you will find many members who will be only too glad to answer your questions. If you can't make Wednesdays then Sunday lunch times during the season (late March to early November) are good, but you may have to wait for the appropriate person to come ashore (1:00pm ish)!


As a member you will receive full use of the club's facilities, we have a large storage arch for equipment, a rescue boat and lockers are available. The club has changing rooms and a very reasonably priced bar. Access to the equipment storage areas is available at all times. In addition the club mailing list will keep you informed of the lively program of sailing and social events run throughout the year.


BSC has no paid staff, we all muck in to run our club. Members are expected to do a bar duty once or twice a year, and do a race duty at least twice a year. Race duties consist of Officer of the Day, Timekeeper, Rescue boat helm and rescue boat crew. The club runs training for Officers of the Day and subsidized RYA rescue boat certificates. Don't worry you won't be put on OOD or rescue boat helm first duty!  BSC Supporters Club members do not have to do duties in the same way – but are more than welcome to help out if they would like to!

Members are also requested to attend the Annual General Meeting, to elect the club officers for the next year and to take other important decisions.

How much does it cost?

Membership runs from January to December and becomes renewable on January 1st. Membership costs are detailed in the membership form.  We need to ask that, for mixed memberships of BSC and the Supporters Club you make 2 payments to the appropriate accounts – this is necessary to meet recently introduced tax rules.  Should you have further questions please see the example below or contact us here or ask a committee member at the club who will help you fill it in.

Ilustration, Hobie 16 sailing


A couple, new members with a boat and a locker.

Full Membership


+ Spouse/partner and/or children






Joining Deposit (see below)




The Joining Deposit is refundable upon leaving and removal of any craft & return of the Swipe Card. Sale of your boat to another member is sufficient if the new owner has joined and paid storage for it.