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Pool Boat Booking Conditions of Hire


1.Pool boat hire is only available to fully paid-up members of BSC or BSCSC. A hire
charge of £6.01 applies.

2.The hirer will have responsibility for all aspects of looking after the boat for the hire
period, ensuring it is used safely and properly, returned in a clean and tidy condition
and properly secured at the end of the day.

3.The boat is only available for use on the water when a BSC safety boat is already on
the water. Under no circumstances can a pool boat be launched at any other time.

4.The hirer shall reimburse BSC for any loss or damage caused during their hire period
to the pool boat or any third party, and shall either pay the full amount for
replacement parts/repair costs or in the event of an insurance claim, pay the amount
of the excess.

5.The hirer has read and agrees to abide by the BSC Constitution and any sailing
instructions issued by the OOD, in particular to all aspects in relation to safety. The
hirer shall leave the beach via the designated boat lane and avoid the exclusion zone
around the pier and the swimming area.

6.Permission to use any pool boat is at the discretion of the OOD. Where conditions
are considered marginal or unsuitable, the OOD may at their sole discretion refuse
or withdraw permission to the hirer to launch the pool boat, or if already afloat
require that they return to shore. If the OOD permits launch, it remains the
responsibility of the hirer to decide whether to sail, to satisfy themselves that the
boat is seaworthy, and that they and any crew are sufficiently competent to cope with
the prevailing conditions.

7.The hirer and all crew accept that they use the boat and BSC’s facilities entirely at
their own risk and agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, BSC shall
have no responsibility for any injuries, loss or damage experienced by the hirer or
crew during the hire period.

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