How to get in touch

The best way to get in touch is to email us at  We'll do our best to reply promptly and answer any questions that you may have.

If you are considering joining, our very first piece of advice will be to hold fire on filling in any forms or paying any fees, but to first come down to the beach to visit us when we are sailing on Sunday mornings over summertime, or at our clubhouse bar on a Wednesday evening.  If you're visiting when we're planning to sail, bring some kit and we can perhaps arrange a sail for you – either with a catamaran helm needing crew, or on one of the small monos owned by the club.  We think it's a good thing for potential members to come and meet us, see how we operate, and hopefully come sail with us, before signing up as a member.


When to visit

The best time to visit is on a Sunday between about 9.30am to 2pm, during our sailing season which runs from early April to late October.  Sunday is our regular racing session and, on a good sailing day, many members will be milling about.  You may arrive to find members initially engrossed in rigging their boats or preparing to launch, but most of us are easily and happily distracted by people wanting to talk sailing!  Please do say hello and you’ll be directed to someone who will attempt to answer all of your questions.  And Sunday is also the best time to watch us launch from the beach and view – or perhaps even take part in – the racing.

On Sundays when we are racing, members tend to arrive between 9.30-10am to rig their boats.  We then get changed into our sailing gear, hold a race briefing, and aim to be on the water for the first race start around 11am.  We are generally on the water until shortly before 1pm, when we land, de-rig, get changed and retire to the clubhouse bar on Brighton's Lower Promenade.

If you are hoping to join us on the water for a trial sail, you should arrive by 10am at the latest so that there is time to ask around as to whether any of the cat helms need crew, or so that members can assist you with rigging one of the club-owned "pool boats" – and still have time to rig their own.  Ideally you should bring everything that you will need to wear out on the water – a buoyancy aid, a suitable wetsuit and neoprene boots, sailing gloves, etc..  If needs be, we may be able to rustle up some equipment for you to borrow, but it is generally better to bring your own.

Over high summer, when the evenings are long and conditions are looking favourable for sailing, members often arrange to meet for a casual sail on Wednesdays in the late afternoon/ early evening – so do feel free to pop by around 5pm to see what we're up to and say hello.  And not uncoincidentally we also open the bar every Wednesday evening throughout the year for our regular social night.  If you come down any time from 9pm or so – and often much earlier if it's a fine summer evening and members have been out on the water – you will find members who will be only too glad to answer your questions.  Please note that a number of affiliate clubs also use our premises, so you may need to ask around first to find the sailors.

Our clubhouse is located on Brighton's Lower Promenade directly in front of the Hilton Metropole on Kings Road. If you look down from Kings Road a see a line of catamarans on the beach with a natty Safety Pavilion in the middle, you're close by!

Our postal address is: 109-111 Kings Road Arches, Brighton, BN1 2FN