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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Brighton Sailing Club is a dinghy sailing club located on Brighton Beach, England. We aim to get people of all ages and backgrounds participating in sailing and other social club activities, thus enriching their lives and fostering a tighter community.

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Our Story

The club was founded more than 150 years ago on 1st May 1871. "From the window is obtained a charming view for a considerable distance of the ocean, and no better place exists for witnessing the many sailing and rowing matches at this period of the year," described a newspaper.

By 1877 the Club had become "an institution looked upon as almost a local necessity—certainly an important local attraction," according to the Brighton Guardian. 57 years later, in 1934, the council planned widening the promenade which back then was rather narrow. Instead of altering the well-established character of the club, the committee decided to close it.

The club has stood at its current location since 1935. Previously, the arch was used as a Lifeboat Station for the RNLI (the plaque just visible outside); and our sail arch was the photographic studio and boat yard of William Tickner Senior and Junior, Photographers and Boat Builders.

Current members' memory stretch back to the 1970's. The bar decor, until it was done up a few years ago, was from 1978. The wooden roof vaulting was done then and still remains. Big changes occurred in 1994 when the Brighton Cruising Club on Brighton beach closed.


Today the club is a growing and bustling place. On a summer Sunday afternoon, you'll find men and women of all ages enjoying a tipple or two, still buzzing from the morning's races.

Meet The Committee

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