Update June 2022

We've had a large influx of new members over the past two years, many of them new to sailing and most of them using our limited supply of pool boats. We have now as a result, reluctantly hit pause on accepting any more inexperienced sailors. We'd love to be able to accept all-comers, regardless of their experience level, but we just don't have the resources or personpower to be able to do so. Given that such a high proportion of our membership now is relatively new to sailing, we feel it would be irresponsible for us to accept more inexperienced sailors than we can safely assist on the water. Therefore we are now only accepting complete beginners to dinghy sailing via our annual 'Learn to Sail' course, and for all applicants, we'll be making an assessment of sailing ability before offering membership.

If you wish to apply for membership please email


Whenever anyone asks about joining, our very first suggestion is to come and meet us. Please do pop down to the beach to visit us, see how we operate, ask any questions you may have, look around our facilities and perhaps join us on the water.  The best times to visit are detailed here. And hopefully many of your questions are already answered in our FAQs.

If you then make the exceedingly wise choice of deciding to join, the next step is get in touch with the Membership Secretary who will advise you on the process. It may be that we are operating a waiting list, in which case you may need to be a little patient with us. Otherwise, the application process itself entails completing a simple online form, and also making payment online.


Types of membership

We offer two types of membership to new members: "BSC" and "Supporter".  Both types can be extended to include immediate family members, including those under 18 years of age, within your membership. Please note that the main applicant on any membership must be at least 18 years of age. 

BSC – for regular sailors & boat owners

For those looking to join in order to sail and race regularly, we offer full membership of Brighton Sailing Club (BSC).  As a BSC member, all of the club's facilities are available to you, including boat and equipment storage, the changing rooms and lockers.  Access to the changing rooms and storage areas are available at all times. In addition, the club mailing list and chat groups will keep you informed of the lively program of sailing and social events run throughout the year.

BSC members are asked to perform a number of duties each year.  Normally this will consist of two sailing duties to enable racing on a Sunday morning, plus two bar duties on our regular Wednesday social evening.  There are many, many more tasks involved in keeping a club such as ours running, so you can expect to be regularly asked to contribute in other ways too!  We will of course tailor duties for anyone under 18, and anyone not comfortable taking on some of the roles.

Boat storage on the beach is only available to full members of BSC.  Boat-owning members must keep their membership up to date, plus pay all appropriate membership and boat storage fees, while they have a boat stored with us.

Supporter – for occasional sailors

If you only wish to sail occasionally, then Supporter membership may be more appropriate for you.  Our rule of thumb is that, if you believe that you will attend club events – excluding purely social events – fewer than a dozen times per year, then you should be a Supporter.  A ‘club event’ in this context is taking part in any sailing, or in any tasks that enable us to keep sailing, such as race-day duties and helping out on maintenance days.

Supporters have access to all of the facilities available to full members, but cannot store sailboats on the beach.  (For really very dull reasons relating to tax rules, Supporters are officially members of the BSC Supporters' Club and not BSC itself.)

Associate – for non-sailing friends of BSC

We do offer a third form of membership, but only to existing members who no longer wish to participate in sailing.  ‘Associate’ membership is available in this case and allows entrance to the bar when open and social events, but not to sailing nor any of the storage facilities.  (Associate members are also officially members of the Supporters’ Club.)

Family memberships

We want to encourage the families of members to be a part of the club and to take advantage of our facilities, particularly to encourage children and young people to get involved in sailing.  To support this, we offer a ‘family membership’ add-on to all types of membership which allows immediate family members to enjoy the facilities.  We define family members as partner, child living at same address or child in full-time education.  If you apply for family membership, the default is that any regular sailors within the family group join BSC, while the rest of the family become members of the Supporters’ Club.

Other benefits

As a member of BSC or the Supporters’ Club, you can visit our clubhouse bar for the regular social evening on Wednesdays, and whenever it is opened by one of our committee members or ‘keyholders’.  We also organise a number of social events during the year.  Each year, for example, some of our rugby-loving committee members like to set up the projector and screen to watch the Six Nations.  And on some sunny afternoons, you may be walking along the seafront and spot that the clubhouse has been opened up for members simply to enjoy the day from our private and modestly-priced bar on the Lower Promenade.

The club and members mainly keep in touch via email and WhatsApp groups.  On joining, we’ll add you to the contact groups. For family memberships, only the lead applicant will be added by default, but other family members may be added on request.

Members are also entitled to book the premises for private parties, subject to conditions and depending on availability.


Please note that all memberships run by calendar year.  No matter when you join during the year, your membership renewal and annual fees will become due on the 1st January of each year.  So if you are first applying to join us late in our sailing season (June onwards), please do ask the Membership Secretary about applying a discount to your first-year fees.

Membership fees for 2022

  • BSC: £175

  • Supporter: £140

  • Family fee: Additional £40

The club depends on the fees paid by members to keep running. We do need everybody to contribute, but we don’t want to lock people out from the opportunity to sail on the basis of cost. For that reason we offer concessionary rates to the unwaged, those on low income, retired senior citizens and students in full-time education. If you wish to discuss anything relating to the concessionary rates, please contact the Membership Secretary.