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Timekeeping During Races

At the Brighton Sailing Club, we use SailRace.App to time the races on Sundays. 

Thank you so much to the developer Tim Cutsforth, your app is such a game changer for the club! ​

Timekeeper Checklist 


  • Weather forecasts, tide times, check the timekeeping tutorial if you are new or have not done it for a long time (see below),

  • Check Duty Man (who else is on duty with you), arrival time


  • Check you can log in to the Racehut tablet, check timekeeping manual if needed.

  • Gather competitors on the sign-in sheet and tally competitors into the tablet.

  • Support OOD and Rescue boat with placement of marker and buoys placement.


  • Safety First: count the nubmer of boats who have gone into the water to make sure it matches the number of boats on the sign-on sheet.

  • Press the start Sequence on the tablet at the same time as the OOD press the Greenlight for the race light sequence

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during the race

  • Safety first: be aware of all boats, capsizes and drifting, notify OOD and/or Rescue Boat, count the number of boats at regular intervals

  • Race data: capture lap times on the Racehut tablet ​

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  • Safety first: Count the number of boats who might have returned and those continuing to race/

  • Tally the competitors from the last race and start the light sequence again

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the finish

  • Finish the Race 1 and 2 in coordination with OOD both on the Racehut tablet and the racelight sequence.

  • Switch off race lights.

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after the finish

  • Safety first: Help returning boats and packing up the race hut.

  • Check all boats who signed-in as well as potential boats who went without signing in returned.

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after the finish

  • Check the race results for any discrepencies

  • Puhlish results on the cloud and WhatsApp. 

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Timekeeper Tutorial

Instructions for race participants

  • On the day of the race

    • Provide your sail number and class to the time keeper ​

    • For security reasons, you will need to sign-in on a paper form and also sign-out when you have completed the race. If you do not do this, you will be disqualified. 

  • Seeing your results

    • ​Live results of the races are available here

    • Or via the SailRace race results app available on Android and iOS. 

      • Setup by adding the club ID: I521jazjYNSera32DZFQ

    • Race results are later uploaded on Sail Wave to have the results aggregated for the series. 

Timekeeper Tutorial
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