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Want to learn to sail? Read on.


Every year we open a small number of memberships for individuals with no prior sailing experience. This is our Learn to Sail programme.


Our goal is to introduce the community to sailing by providing training, coached support and a community atmosphere in which to learn and build confidence. 

What does the programme include and how much does it cost?

In 2024 the programme costs £300 and included the following:

  • A year's membership to the Brighton Sailing Club (normally £200)

  • RYA level 1 course (normally £325), 2 days over the weekend

  • 3 hours of coached sailing every week, all season (worth £80 per session)

  • Free use of club-owned boats during the coached sailing sessions (usually £6)

  • A Safety boat to ensure you can get help if you need it whilst on the water


Who can sign up?

To be part of Learn to Sail, you must be over 18 years old and live in Brighton and Hove.

Do I need previous sailing experience?

No previous sailing experience is necessary, but it helps if you've had some.

Do I need to own a boat?

You don't need to own a boat as the club has plenty of boats for loan. You won't need to pay for boat loan when you're on the Learn to Sail programme; but every year after that you will pay a minimum amount (what it costs us to maintain them, which in 2023 was £6 a go).


What if I can't make the weekend coached sessions?

This year we had 21 people applying for every 1 space available! For this reason we ask that you must be able to commit to attending the majority of the weekly Saturday Sailing sessions from the beach – we want those who will make the most of this programme to take the opportunity.

Can I just come to the RYA 1 training?

Unfortunately we don't offer standalone training. Learn to Sail is a programme for those who want to become members of the Brighton Sailing Club but don't yet know how to sail.

I applied last year but didn't get a space. How can I increase my chances?


We, the members, organise this programme voluntarily (giving up our time to run it). Mucking in and doing things together is how our club runs – there are no paid positions here. When we meet potential new Learn to Sail members, we are looking at our future fellow members.


We want to know that you are enthusiastic to join us. That you understand what you're letting yourself in for (lots of fun but also sharing the workload). That you are willing to participate, engage and commit. When we meet you, let us know how you got interested in sailing, what your experience with water sports and other hobbies are, and what skills you would bring to the club.

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