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Mast rake

Recommendations from Roger Barnacle

Mast rake has a significant impact on the performance of the Hobie 16.

  • Raking the mast aft improves upwind performance and tacking.

  • Raking the mast forward gives better downwind speed.

The idea is to rake the mast as far aft as you can. Normally, this would result in the shroud pins in holes 3 or 4 up from the bottom.

Rake the mast forward one hole at a time  if:

  1. You can't pull the mainsheet tight (block to block) going upwind,

  2. You have a heavy weather helm - i.e., the boat tries to round up to wind, and you have to pull the tiller.


Alternatively, start with the mast vertical and rake aft until the above issues appear, then pick the sweet spot.



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