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Rigging Checklist for Monohuls

Here is a guide to rigging a Laser and a Topaz at the Brighton Sailing Club. It includes where you will find the parts and a checklist of what needs to be done.

Rigging Lasers

A quick guide and checklist to rigging a laser.

Location of Parts


Rigging a Topaz

A Topaz has multiple sail options

  • Basic mainsail

  • Racing mainsail

  • Optional jib

Locations of parts


  1. Slide a boat out, check that there is no water in the hull, then screw the bung in.

  2. Take mast with mainsail from the equipment arch (top rack), carefully walk over to the boat, not hitting anyone (keep front low).

  3. If using the race sail, either pick a mast without any sail or you'll have to remove the mainsail from a mast which can be done fully furled. Then put the race sail on the mast.

  4. Take a boom from the bottom rack next to the door of the racehut.

  5. If you want to use a jib,take it from the long white bag in the race hut.

  6. Put the mast into the boat with the plastic lip facing the stern. Secure it using the metal mast retaining clip, which goes over the plastic lip.

  7. If using a jib, attach it to the front of the boat with the carabiner. Then tip the boat on its side and thread the halyard through the eyelet on the mast.

  8. Tip the boat back up, pulling the halliard through.

  9. Cleat the halyard and ensure it is very taught (top-tip: pull the halyard sideways to get more leverage). There is a pocket most sails where you put the spare rope.

  10. Hook the clew of the mainsail into the outhaul (through the silver ring in the sail - NOT to the securing loop)

  11. Clear off the outhaul with the sail taught

  12. Set up the mainsheet. Do not clear or trap. Tie a figure of eight knot in the end.

  13. Attach the kicker.

  14. Set up the jib sheets.Tie a figure of eight knot in the end.

  15. Get foils from the box and attach to the boat. Make sure the rudder is firmly clipped in.

  16. Drag the boat to the sea

  17. Check for stones in the daggerboard slot

  18. Push the daggerboard into the slot and clip the bungee cord to mast.

  19. Push off and sail! (If it’s wavy get help launching).

BSC Topaz Rigging Tutorial

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