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Welcome to the BSC Bar Photography Competition!

This is a chance for all photography enthusiasts to showcase their talent and capture the beauty of Brighton, the majesty of their sport and the joy of their club! Whether you have a pic that you would like to share or a passion to get out there and capture a new stunning image, this competition is open to all members.

The goal and prize for the lucky winners is for a their work to adorn the walls of the Club bar for all to admire.

Their will be 4 winner spots, 1 for each club; Brighton Sailing Club, BEC, Iswim and Beach Tennis,


We are looking for photos that are, Timeless, Relevant, Local and Beautiful

TIMELESS: These images will be on the wall for years so we want them be as appreciated in 10 years as the day they go up. Let's avoid group team pics, time sensitive competitions or events etc.

RELEVANT: Let it embody your club and sports.

LOCAL: Keep it to Brighton, its a beautiful place.

BEAUTIFUL: Hopefully this goes with out saying. These will be seen by all and will set the scene of our club bar so make them stunners!


  • Send your Submission to :

  • 1 Photo per person

  • Include in the email your name and which club your a member of and submitting for.

  • Submitted images should be not be larger then 5mb please! - However ensure original image is in high resolution. should be over 1,648 x 2,384 pixel. Otherwise it will be to pixelated to print.

The deadline for submissions is the 21st of May 5pm, giving you plenty of time to explore ideas and capture the perfect shot. The winners will be announced the week after.

We encourage everyone to participate and share their unique perspectives through photography. it would be great to get a submission from all members!

So grab your camera and get snapping!


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